Beginning Flyball

This class will teach the basics of flyball.

  • Learning course setup, lane choreography, and building blocks of flyball.
  • Learning the lingo of flyball.
  • Building a relationship with your dog. Your dog will learn that YOU are the most important part of the game.
  • Develop tug drive and ball possession.
  • Jump four jumps in a row. (Focus on driving HARD and FAST to motivator).
  • Racing side-by-side while going straight to motivator.
  • Passing an oncoming dog without chasing.
  • Chasing another dog down the lane, while going to motivator.
  • Learn to use Target board.
  • Start developing a box turn.
Session Details:
Cost: $90.00
Length: 5 - 1 hour sessions
Size: up to 10

Upcoming Sessions:
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