Nosework 1

Have you ever seen search and rescue or drug/bomb sniffing canines work and been in awe of their skill at following and detecting odor?

Now your dog can also experience the excitement of using their keen, natural, scenting abilities while developing a greater bond working with you. Whether you choose to participate in this rewarding activity with your dog for fun or want to trial and earn titles, we have classes for you.

Nosework1 is an introduction to Nosework class. This class is intended for dogs that have not been introduced to any of the target odors. ANY dog can play - large, small, old or young.

Nosework 1 will prepare teams to participate in both American Kennel Club Scent work (AKC Scent work)  and United Kennel Club Nosework (UKC Nosework). These skills will provide you hours of fun with you and your dog. Nosework exercises can be conducted in your basement, garage, back yard, at the local park or wherever you and your dog decide to play indoors and out!

Using positive reinforcement methods based on detection and search-and-rescue dog training, this introductory class will give you a strong foundation in the sport of Nosework.

Caution: Human and canine addiction to nosework is highly possible even at this level.

Session Details:
Cost: $90.00
Length: 5 - 1 hour sessions
Size: up to 10

Upcoming Sessions:
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